# -Uniform Number, G -Games Played in, Pts -Points Scored, Avg Pts -Average points per game, Hi -Players personal High Game,

Avg Min -Average minutes Played in a Game, Min -Minutes played in a game, 2Pta -2 Point Attempts, 2ptm -2 Points Made,

2pt% -2 Point Percentage, 3pta -3 point attempts, 3ptm -3 Points Made, 3pt% -3 Point Percentage, FTA -Free Throw Attempts,

FTM -Free Throws Made, FT% -Free Throw Percentage, Ast -Assists, Avg Ast -Average Assists per game,

Off Reb -Offensive Rebounds, Def Reb -DefensiveRebounds, Tot Reb -Total Rebounds, Avg Reb -Average Rebounds per game,

FGA -All Field Goal Attempts, FGM -All Field Goals Made, FG% -Field Goal Percentage, Stl -Steals, Trav -Traveling Turn Over,

Stol -Ball Stole away from them- turn over , DD -Double Dribble -turn over, BP -Bad Pass- turn over ,

Turn - Total Turnovers (Including Lane Violation and Others-over & back, 5 sec., stepped out of bounds