Corn Belt






April 16, 2023

Volume 13










2023 Corn Belt "A" Rules

Volume 13, April 16, 2023


   A. Any team from a town not recently been in any level of Corn Belt Baseball wishing

      to enter the league must attend and be approved by a vote of the league at the

      annual league meeting in the spring by majority vote.
   B. Each division shall select a Division Director at the league meeting.
   C. A one hundred ($120.00) dollar annual fee shall be paid by each team to the

      league President/Treasurer. 2023
   D. An additional five($5.00) dollar entry fee shall be paid by each new team

      that is from a new town and has been approved to enter the league.
   E. League fees must be paid to the Secretary/Treasurer no later than the 1st of May.
   F. Any additional fees shall be assessed if and when as they become necessary.
   G. All correspondences to the League should be done by email,
      ONLY Phone in EMERGENCY

   H. There are No Complaints to be addressed to the League concerning Rules or

      Umpires, that should be handled on the Field.

      ANY COMPLAINT WILL COST $50 a complaint.

   The CBBL shall be governed by the Official Rules of Major League Baseball and Bronco

   Rule book and shall be superseded by specific rules within our own

   league as described herein.(Bronco Rule Book Click Here)
   A. There is drop third strike Now we play Bronco Rules.

   B. Infield Fly rule does apply

   C. No "Slash Bunt" Rule For safety reasons, a batter is out for illegal action when

      he/she fakes a bunt and then takes a full swing. This would eliminate a A-Ball
      player from fake bunting and “slap-hitting” the ball.

   A. The league shall begin competition whenever each division or a majority thereof

   B. Every effort should be made by each division to play as many of their scheduled

      games as possible, prior to the League Tournament, to decide the Division

   C. A minimum of twelve(12) games required to decide a division champ.

   D. Rescheduling

      1) The home team shall present the opposing Head Coach with two (2) options for

         rescheduling a game within 1 week of the original date.

      2) If the game is not rescheduled or played within this time frame, the team causing

         the delay shall forfeit.

      3) Rescheduling shall only be done in the event of graduation ceremonies or inclement

         weather, unless both teams decide otherwise.

      4) In the event of a scheduling dispute, the Corn Belt shall rule on forfeiture.

      5) If a team fails to appear for a regularly scheduled game shall be recorded as a 2-0

         loss in the regular season standings.

      6) Regular Season games that are cancelled for reasons not approved by these rules,

         Corn Belt League Representative, or by mutual agreement of the coaches shall be

         recorded as a 2-0 loss of the cancelling team.

      7) Regular Season games that cannot be rescheduled (after every attempt by both teams

         has been made) shall be recorded as a 1-1 tie in the final standings.

      8) The home team's Coach shall notify the League Office of rescheduled games.





   A. A player’s eligibility is based on the ages eleven(11) and twelve(12) years

      old, whose birth date occurs prior to Sept 1st. Younger players may

      participate at a coaches and/or parents discretion or to complete a team’s

      roster if necessary. Players Whose Birthday falls between Old date of May 1 to New date

      of Sept. 1, are grandfathered to stay at the level they would have been until 2027.
   B. Boundary lines determining a players team shall be based on high school

      district or park district providing the player resides at a permanent

      address within that area.
   C. Players living within a town’s districts or school’s area that DOES NOT

      have a team may participate in an adjacent town’s program provided-
       I) The player(s) have been approved by the three(3) league officers
       II) And also by a majority of the coaches within the division.

       III) Once the players play for the adjacent town they can continue to play

            for that town.
   D. No player may be rostered on more than on one (1)
"A" Ball Team) and can only play with

      the one team and be eligible to participate in the Corn Belt A - with the exception of

      playing on a little league and farm league team (farm League Team would mean a

      "B" or "C" Ball team) within the same program.

   E. If your team does not have enough players, you may pull a player from the level below

      (B League). No Sharing of Players from another team of the same level.
   F. Any team guilty of a roster violation(s) will be subject to forfeiting

      all games in question.

   A. Roster sheets must be completed in full and given to the Division Director

      ASAP No Schedules will be handed out until a team’s roster is

      submitted. (Rosters for 2023 must be emailed to League office

      to Be Posted ONLINE for every teams viewing)
   B. Rosters shall be limited to a maximum of twenty(20) players.
   C. A MAXIMUM of TWENTY (20) players may be suited in uniform for a game.
       I) A maximum of fifteen (15) players to bat in a continuous batting order.
   D. Any and all roster changes must be submitted in writing to the Division

      Director at least one(1)week prior to a player’s participation in order

      to be eligible for play.

   E. Need Uniform Numbers, First and Last Name, emailed to before

      release of Schedules

   A. A team must field a starting line up of no less than eight(8) players in

      order to start the game.
   B. A game may continue with eight(8) players with an OUT being recorded whenever

      the open spot in the batting order comes up. A game started with eight(8)

      players and has no substitutes and a player is ejected during the game, the

      game shall end and the offending team will forfeit the game.
   C. Each player on a team’s roster DOES NOT HAVE TO PLAY defense for a minimum

      number of outs. EVERY EFFORT SHOULD BE MADE to play every player however.

      Players that arrive late, will be inserted into the batting order in the

      last position.
   D. Each team shall have a continuous batting order consisting of no more

      than fifteen(15) batters.
       1) Teams will have free substitution of the fifteen(15) batters for defense

          only. Batting order must remain the same order. Players who show up late

          are placed last in the batting order, and can bat when their turn arrives.
       2) Teams with more than fifteen(15) players can enter the remaining players

          by the re-entry rule.
       3) Teams have the option to bat their fifteen(15) players or bat as many
          players as the opposing team has in their line-up, and substitute the rest

          of the players into the line-up.

       4) If a player is injured during the game and can not continue to play and

          there is no substitute, an out will not be recorded in that players spot.
       5) If a player is ejected and there are no substitutes, an out will be recorded


     E. Teams have the option to bat their (15) players or bat as

        many players as the opposing team has in their line-up & substitute the rest of

        the players into the line-up The Newly enter player must play (2) innings of

        Consecutive innings (see substitution rule)
             1 ) Any players dressed at the game and not in the batting

                 line-up must be substituted into the line-up for at

                 least (2) innings of defense. (Only if they are not in

                 the batting order)

   F. A game will consist of six(6) innings for a complete game unless

      rule “H” or “G” apply.
   G. If in the event a game is called because of rain before six(6) innings are

      complete, a five(5) inning game will be a complete game, or 4 1/2 innings

      if the home team is winning. Any game rain out before a fifth (5th) inning

      is complete the game will be replayed from the beginning. If a game is called

      because of darkness before five(5) innings, the game will be suspended and

      resumed from that point to complete a full six(6) innings.
   H. A team which is ahead by ten(10) or more runs after four(4) innings of play,

      or the home team is leading by ten(10) or more runs after three and one half

      (3 1/2) innings, shall be the winner.

   I. If a team is up by 15 runs, that team could no longer steal any bases, until

      the score falls to less than 15 runs, then they could steal again until the

      score reaches up by 15 again. (New 2019)

   A. All twelve (12) year old players may pitch within the guidelines of Baseball as

      described by the CBBL, but must use innings limit listed below.
   B. A pitcher is allowed to pitch in any combination, at total of no more than six

     (6) innings, in a one(1) week period, beginning at midnight Sunday.

      each pitcher is allowed 6 innings per week, with a limit of 75 pitches per game.

      If there is a discrepancy between the two teams on how many pitches a pitcher

      has thrown, the two sides would add them together and divide by 2, to get the

      number of pitches. If a pitcher hits the 75 pitch mark in the middle of a batter,

      he is allowed to finish pitching to the batter. Regular rest rule applies. In

      the event of a rain make up game added to the schedule. Each pitcher is given

      3 more innings for the week(No More than 40 pitches),
        1) A pitcher is allowed to pitch an additional three(3) innings in a one(1)

           week period if his team was scheduled three(3) regular season games in

           one(1) week.
   C. A pitcher is considered to have made an appearance after having thrown

      one(1) pitch.
   D. A pitcher is considered to have pitched one(1) inning after having thrown

      his first pitch.
   E. A pitcher must be given a minimum of forty-eight(48) hours rest after having

      made an appearance, unless he has pitched three(3) innings or less the previous

      night, before pitching in the next game.
   F. The determination of a rest period is based on the starting time of the last

      game that the pitcher had pitched in.
   G. A special allowance is made for MAKE-UP and RAINED OUT games, in which a pitcher

      may pitch an additional three(3) innings a week, provided the pitcher(s) is not

      in violation of the required minimum rest period. The additional innings MUST

      BE USED in the make-up game.
   H. Once a Pitchers is removed from pitching, he can not return to pitch in the same

   I. The pitchers rubber will be 50 feet from the back tip of home plate to the front

      edge of the rubber.

   A. The First Balk will be a warning, and the umpire will tell the offending Pitcher

      what they did, wrong. The next balk by the same pitcher will result in a balk

      one warning is giving to each pitcher once.

   A. All game times for weekday games are 6:00pm(some night games start at 8:00pm-

      check schedules) A 6:30pm forfeit time shall require a late team to either take

      the field or begin batting at 6:30pm (8:30pm for night games)

      Games can start at 5:45 if both coaches agree to help save daylight.
   B. This rule should be enforced by the home plate umpire.
   C. Any game scheduled for Saturday shall start by a mutual agreement between both

   D. Any and all scheduled dates and game times which cannot be played MUST be

      rescheduled as soon as possible, by MUTUAL agreement, between the coaches involved.

      The specifics of rescheduling MUST be submitted in writing to the Division Director

      by the home team manager.

   E. There is a 2(two) hour time limit on all games, an inning cannot start after 8pm

      An inning starts right after the 3rd out is recorded

   A. The Home team shall be responsible for providing One umpire, a second umpire is

      encouraged but the absence of one in not to delay the game.

   B. The Umpires should be at least Sixteen (16) years old.

   C. If the assigned umpire or umpires fail to attend the game,

      both managers must agree on selection of their replacement.
       1. If an agreement cannot be reached by the managers acting responsibly, they are

          both to report by phone or in person to the league office. League office will

          decide if the game should be rescheduled. If the game is played, it is final.
       2. Game may begin with only 1 umpire present, both teams can agree on a Base

          Umpire, before the game begins. Once the game is played the game is final.


   A. Home team is responsible for providing two(2)(minimum)new leather little

   B. Additional balls must be made available and provided as the home plate umpire

      deems necessary, in order to keep the game moving and to ensure the safety of

      the players.

   A. All umpires shall be required to enforce ALL PONY LEAGUE RULES regarding

   B. Catchers should be properly protected with a complete set of certified

      regulation gear (including a throat protector, helmet, facemask, chest protector,

      shin guards, and protective cup)
Bat Rule

        A. All (-3) Bats are legal with 2 5/8" Barrel

           **  (-3 bats are recommended)

           All (-4 to -5) Bats can be up to 33" in Length or under

           All (-6 to -9) Bats can be up to 32" in Length or under

           All (-10 to -12) Bats must be 28" in Length or Under

           All Wood Bats are allowed (but why would you use one?)

           All Aluminum Bats with 2 3/4" Barrel Bats are Illegal.

           **  (Only -3 Bats can be used in High School Play and is why -3

                bats are recommended)

      D. The Pitching Rubber is 50 feet

      E. The Bases will be 70 feet apart

   A. In the event of a protest, the game must be protested at the time of the play

      or call in question.
   B. The protest must be confirmed at that time and done so in writing and submitted

      to the league President within twenty-four(24) hours as described in the Bronco

      BASEBALL RULEBOOK. Protest should be emailed to There is

      a $50.00 protest fee, that will be returned if the protest is upheld. You will

      forfeit the protest fee if your protest is Denied.
   C. A league protest committee does have the authority to declare the game a forfeit.


   A. The results from each game must be entered on A League Facebook page include

      score and pitchers used, you can also add highlights and Pictures with in

      48 hours of finish of game A Ball Facebook page

      Web Site: for standings. A Coach/Parent/Town Representative is

      responsible to do this.
   B. Every team will be responsible for filing a game report. The winning team must

      report the game to get credit for the win. Game must be reported within 48 hours,

      Failure to do so will result in the winning team getting credited with a tie instead of

      the win.


   A divisional playoff game (if necessary) must be played on the next available

   scheduling date, within one(1) week, on a site to be determined by the board.

   A. All managers and coaches shall be responsible for the conduct and sportsmanship

      of his own players and fans, both on and off the field.
   B. Coaches other than adults need to wear protective helmets while coaching the bases.


   A. Base stealing is allowed. (Steal Line was removed for 2019)(New 2019)

   B. Base runners must avoid contact. If contact will be made, the runner must slide.

      If the runner fails to slide and avoid contact, he is out. If the shoulder is

      dropped and the runner intentionally runs into the fielder, he is automatically out

      and ejected.
   C. In the event of a runner off base after a pitched ball and the runner makes an

      attempt to return to the base they were occupying, they must return to that base

      unless a play is made by the defense. No Game Delays


19. Lightning/Thunder

   A. When thunder is heard or lightning is seen*, the leading edge of the thunderstorm is

      close enough to strike your location with lightning. Suspend play for at least 30

      minutes and vacate the outdoor activity to the previously designated safer location


   B. 30-minute rule. Once play has been suspended, wait at least 30 minutes after the last

      thunder is heard or lightning is witnessed* prior to resuming play.

   C. Any subsequent thunder or lightning* after the beginning of the 30-minute count will

      reset the clock and another 30-minute count should begin.

   d. When independently validated lightning-detection devices or mobile phone apps are

      available, this technology could be used to assist in making a decision to suspend play

      if a lightning strike is noted to be within 10 miles of the event location. However, you

      should never depend on the reliability of these devices and, thus, hearing thunder or

      seeing lightning* should always take precedence over information from a mobile app or

      lightning-detection device.

2023 All information below is tentative TBA

      I) Boys should be there in Newark
   B. 1 site Newark in 2023
   C. usually 3 Players per team chosen by their own coach
   D. Continuous batting order
   E. Host Town is responsible for umpires
   F. Alternate players onto the field
   G. 1 inning maximum a player can pitch
   H. No ten run rule
   I. Game must be 7 innings

   J. Head Coaches will be voted on by other Coaches
   K. 4 towns per one all-star team (12 players) for maximum players,

      1 team will could have 15 players (All Coaches are encourage to assist the Head Coach)
      Towns/teams for each all-star team will be determined by the board.

   L. Players will receive a Medal for Participating

   A. Tournament Qualifiers
       1) All teams qualify
         a) All teams will be seeded by record
         b) Seeding will be done by the board

         C) Winning percentage times games played

         d) Single elimination tournament
   B. Tournament Play 2023 at higher seed
       1) Tournament play
   C. Tournament Pairings
       1) See Bracket

   D. Tournament Pitching
       1) Pitchers may pitch a total of six(6) innings in the first week of

          the tournament
       2) Pitchers may pitch a total of nine(9) innings the second week of

          the tournament
          No rest period required for pitchers pitching on Friday then Saturday.

   A. Individual trophies will be award to the top 4 finishing teams in the Tournament
   B. All - Star Participants will receive a Trophy/Medal