2018 Corn Belt "C" Rules

                       Transition League

                   Volume VIII, April 8, 2019
                           LITTLE LEAGUE RULES AND BI-LAWS

   A. The Corn Belt "C" Baseball League (CBBBL) shall consist of how every many Division's

      The league managers vote on.
   B. Any team wishing to enter the league must attend and be approved by a vote of the

      league at the annual league meeting in the spring.
   C. Each division shall select a Division Director at the league meeting.

   D. All correspondences to the League should be done by email,
      ONLY Phone in EMERGENCY

   E. Each Town has one vote on League matters, regardless how many teams each town

      has, for By-Law and Rule Changes.
   F. There is No Complaints to be addressed to the League concerning Umpires, that

      should be handled on the Field


   The CBBBL shall be governed by the Official Rules of Major League Baseball and Pony

   Baseball Rule book, Little League Rule Book and Corn Belt "A" League and shall be

   superseded by specific rules within our own league as described herein.

   A. The league shall begin competition whenever each division or a majority thereof


   B. Game days for 2019 are Thursday 6:00pm & Saturdays 10:00am

   A. All boys and girls that are in first and second grade, but no older than 8 by

      May 1, 2019

   A. No Rosters are required


   A. All team members present will bat (ex. if there is 13 players available, all

      13 will bat before the lead off batter comes back up)

   B. Free substitution for all players is allowed.

   C. Each Player on the Roster must play at least one(1) defensive inning.

   D. Each team will field 10 players, Each team will use four(4) outfielders;

      three(3) if a team has only 9 Players.

   E. Less than 8 players will result in a forfeit.

   F. No drop third strike or infield fly will apply.

   G. No Bunting.

   H. The batter cannot walk, only strike out. Little league rules apply in regards

      to the strike out rule. If after 5 pitches the batter has not reached first

      base or struck out, a Coach will pitch 2 more pitches to the batter, if the

      batter still has not hit the ball, the batter will be called out.

      There are no called strikes.

   I. The first time a batter throws a bat, the umpire must issue a warning and

      that swing will be considered a foul ball. One the second and every other occurence

      the batter will be called out.

   J. Players limited to one inning per game or 50 pitches maximum. One pitch is considered one

     (1) inning.

   K. The coach/pitcher must pitch from the rubber (34 Feet), in a standing position, The Coach

      may pitch either  over or under hand which ever they prefer, however the projection of the

      ball must be flat (no lobs or arcs)

   L. When the coach pitches, he will make no defensive plays. A player will stand next to the

      coach-pitcher to field the position. A batted ball striking the coach-pitcher is a dead

      ball, and is treated as a foul ball. After 7 Pitches and they do not reach base they are


   M. The pitcher will deliver (5) pitches.  If this does not result in a strikeout or a ball

      put in play, the batter will then have (2) pitches from the batting team coach to put

      the ball in play.  If the batter hits a ball foul after the last pitch, they will receive

      another pitch.  If the batter does not put a ball in play, they will be out.

      They are no Walks.

   N. In order to develop batting skills and confidence, players are to be encouraged to swing

      at any hittable pitch. There are strike outs, if they swing and miss 3 times,

      No Called Strikes.

   O. A bat shall not be more than thirty-three (33) inches in length nor more

      than two and one-quarter (2¼) inches in diameter.

   P. Umpires are instructed that the strike zone is shoulders to below knees and three inches

      (about the diameter of a ball) inside and outside.

      Each pitcher is allowed (1) hit batsman per inning, but they must be removed in the event

      of a second hit batsman. A player is awarded 1st base if they are hit by a pitch.

   Q. When the coach is the pitcher, no batter will take first base if hit by a pitch.

   A. Coach pitches from a line at least 30 feet away from home plate for innings

      3-4-5-6, A player pitches from a pitching rubber of 34 feet and pitches innings

      1-2, The Coach may pitch either over or under hand which ever they prefer,

      however the projection of the ball must be flat (no lobs or arcs). If while

      a player is pitching and a batter fails to reach base or strike out after 5

      pitches a coach would pitch 2 more pitches.

   B. Players Pitch; 1st and 2nd Inning, (League Minimum) Coaches pitch in the 3rd to 6th inning

      At the start of the game both Head Coaches can agree on more innings pitched by     

      Players, with the realization that if the opposing team says “NO”, No means NO!

      If a Team wants to pitch more, then they can pitch to their own batters, instead of the

      Coach. With the Opposing team Pitchers is there only for fielding. Before the game starts

      if Both Coaches agree to forgo the player pitching rule, then the coach can pitch the

      whole game, if both Coaches don’t agree the team that wants to pitch can pitch to their

      own teanm. (started New for 2017)

   A. All game times for weekday games are 6:00pm, Saturdays games will begin

      at 10:00am

   B. Less than 8 players will result in a forfeit.

   C. All Games are 6 innings or 1-1/2 hours, which ever comes first.  No new inning

      can start after 1-1/2 hours.  Three outs or seven runs will end an inning.

   A. The Home team shall be responsible for providing the Home umpire.

   B. The Away team shall be responsible for providing the Base Umpire.

   c. The Umpires should be High School age or older.

   A. Home team is responsible for providing a Regular Little League Baseball
(New 2019)

   A. Catchers should be properly protected with a complete set of certified

      regulation gear (including a throat protector, helmet, facemask, chest protector,

      shin guards, and protective cup)
   B. The bat shall be no longer than thirty-two(32) inches in length and the barrel

      shall be no bigger than two and one quarter (2 1/4) inches in circumference.

   A. All managers and coaches shall be responsible for the conduct and sportsmanship

      of his own players both on and off the field.
   B. Two Coaches will be allowed on the field for instructional purposes while their

      teams is on the field.  Coaching will be done by high school age or older.

   C. Teams are allowed to keep score and post results on Cornbelt "C" Ball facebook

      Page, No Standings will be kept. No Penalty for not reporting. (New 2019)




   A. Bases are to be set at sixty(60) feet apart.

   B. No Stealing or lead offs. Runners may only after a hit ball. No Advancement

      on a past ball.

   C. Once any infielder has possession of the ball after the batter has reached first

      base or been declared out, the play should be considered stopped. Runners may

      continue to the base they were headed at the completion of the play.  There will

      be no advancement on any overthrow.

   D. On all plays at home plate, the runner must slide or they will be called out.

***Please Remember that this League is here to teach and have Fun.***

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