PLANO "D" / "E" Equalizer

July 30/31, 2011

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Seeded 1-6 in the morning and 1-5 Afternoon Sessions with D teams receiving higher seeds,

When a E team plays a "D" team they will give up 3 runs, D Team will be home

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To all coaches and ballplayers:


Rock Creek Softball League wishes to welcome you to the Plano 's Class "D/E" Equalizer Qualifier, July 30 & 31, 2011. Enclosed you will find a roster, map, local businesses, and bracket. Make sure you check the main bracket for game times. We are running a morning and afternoon sessions, so Please check the main bracket for correct times. If you haven't already paid you must pay your entry Fee of $215 before you can play your first game. When a "E" team hits a home run the inning is over and the spot remains a dead spot for the rest of the game. When a "D" team hits a home run, there are just out. When an "E" team Plays a "D" team the "E" team will receive 3 runs, and their home runs are just an out, and the "D" team is the Home team.


Rosters must be turned in before your first game. Do not put down drivers license numbers on the rosters. Please put down birth dates.

Score sheets will be found hanging from the clothespin at the press box in Plano . Write in your line-up, and return it to the clothespin. Please try to have your line-up turned in 15 minutes prior to your game time.

The run rule is in effect for all games, 20 after 3, 15 after 4, and 10 after 5.

Flip/flop Rule is also used. ABSOULTEY NO alcoholic beverages allowed on School Property.


There will be no trash talking during games that escalate into fighting, there will be absolutely NO trash talking, Violators will be warned then ejected from the game. There shall be no verbal warning of attempt to injure any player, so as "I'll take him out, next time", "Hit the ball at the Pitcher", "The Box is open", any verbal abuse at an opposing team will constitute as an attempt to cause physical harm to a player. NONE of this will be tolerated at the Plano Qualifier, and will result in an ejection.


1 st Place Receives a Paid National and Unpaid State, 2 nd Place receives a Paid State and Unpaid National, 3 rd Place Receives paid State and unpaid National, 4 th unpaid State, All Other Teams qualify for their respected State Tournament, if you have not qualified yet. Highest Finishing "E" Team will receive $50 towards State unless they finish in the top 3 of tournament


Be at your field 30 minutes before your game time. We really need your cooperation on hustling in and out. Even if we are behind please be ready to play 30 minutes before game time, because we can catch up real fast with ejections, Inning over Homeruns and run rule games.


Thanks again for coming and let's have fun

Greg H. Gould/Dee Dee Gould President, Rock Creek Softball League

Justin Nelson Assistant Director

Morning Session

#1 "D"     Dynasty             440 points

#2 "D"     Hell Yeah           185 Points

#3 "D"     Seco                180 points

#4 "D"     Distrubed           145 points

#5 "E"     Chi. Town Rockers   385 points

#6 "E"     Redrum Softball     220 points

Afternoon Session

#1 "D"     Bears Den           140 points

#2 "D"     G-Force Labels       50 points

#3 "D"     Stoudt Plumbing       0 points

#4 "E"     Darn Tootin         120 points

#5 "E"     Heroes West          50 points