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Plano's Prom Walk 2007 Windows  Media Player

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State Championship Game Video is Here now it is 36 minutes & 6 sec.

Hope you have High Speed!!!

It is Awesome

Week #14 State Championship Video

Any Given Friday SPEECH Video

Pep Rally Video

Memorial Stadium Slide Show video

Week #13 Bureau Valley Storm Video

Remembering Tolono Video

Week #12 Amboy Playoff Video

Week # 11 Westmont Playoff Video

Week #10 Lisle Playoff Video

Week #9 Manteno Video

Week #8 Dwight Video

Week #7 Coal City Video

Week #6 Wilmington Video

Week #5 Westmont Video

Week #4 Seneca Video

Week #3 Reed-Custer Video

Week #2 Sandwich Slide Show Video

Week #2 Sandwich Video

Week #1 Lisle Slide Show Video