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                    2010 Early Bird/ Umpire/USSSA Practice Tournament Rules

1. All U.S.S.S.A. & Rock Creek Softball Rules apply.

2. Open Tournament to all classes ( "D" - “E”)

3. Rosters must be turned in with Amateur Athletic Waiver/Release of Liability

   signed by every player playing. Rosters will not be used for Forfiets

   only for Liability.

4. 2 homeruns for class D, and 1 homerun for class E.

   If playing a different class home run rule goes to lowest level, with only

   an out going to homeruns hit over limit. Once each team hits their maximum,

   the one up rule applies, only going up one homerun until the other team hits

   one. Any one hitting homeruns over the one rule will be declared out.

5. There may not be a score keeper for some games. Keep your own score.

6. Teams can bat as many players as they desire. If a team wants to bat all 13

   players or more they can, but must keep the same batting order.

   (Spring Training Games/Practice Games)(a DH may be Used)

7. Courtesy runners will be allowed- Hustle in and out. One Per Inning.

8. Entry fee is $250.00. Must be paid before your team will be bracketed.

   First teams to pay get preference of first game time. Limited to the

   first 16 teams to pay. You are not in the tournament until your team pays.

   Please Pay ONLINE at

9. Must be registered U.S.S.S.A. If you are not, it will be $25.00 to register.

   Must have a U.S.S.S.A. number or team entered online.

10. Limited new balls are available. We will use a new ball when necessary.

    Teams hitting the ball out of play must retrieve the ball or supply a

    ball or forfeit game. (All balls used will be yellow optima league

    balls .44 core or .40 core)(last Years balls will be used to use them up)

11. 4 games for every team. (As long as there are 16 teams) No double elimination,

    check bracket for game times. If you don’t know when you play, ask.

    Not responsible for teams not showing up.

12. Must be at the field 20 minutes before scheduled start of next game.

    May be asked to start early.

13. 50-minute game times on Saturday. Please hustle in and out. Only one field in use.

14. 1-hour time limit is set for all other games, except Championship Game. Teams will

    be allowed on the field for 1 hour from the start of your game, regardless of what

    inning you are in. 10 run rule in effect. If game is tied only 2 extra innings will

    be played. If still tied, a coin flip will decide winner. Flip Flop Rule will be used.

15. No trophies will be awarded. Winning team will receive $300.00 travel expense money.

    2nd place will receive $200.00, and 3rd, 4th and 5th place finishers will receive

    $100.00(teams going 3-1) see bracket at this is based on

    16 teams, if less than 16 teams, money will be change according to teams

    if less than 16 teams , a pool play maybe substituted to get 3 games

16. Remember these games are meant to be like spring training games, to get a team warmed

    up for the upcoming season. HAVE FUN!

17. Equalizer Tournament- “E” gets 3 runs/ bats first against a “D”

18. Game times subject to change.

    To insure your time slot please pay early. First Pay-First Pick

    $250 Money due by Sunday April 11, 2010

    Official game times will be announced April 11, 2010

    Games start 4/17 6:30/7:15/8:15/9:15 Rain date 4/19

    Next date 4/18 6:30/7:15/8:15/9:15 Rain date 4/19

    Saturday and Sunday games 4/25 and 4/26 See bracket.

    Make checks payable to Rock Creek Softball League and send to:

    Greg H. Gould           630-327-9168 

    217 E. North St.

        Plano, IL 60545  Email