Tri-County Pony League







Volume 27

April 16, 2023














VOLUME 27  April 16, 2023

ARTICLE 1- Name and Purpose

   Section 1.  Tri-County Pony League
   Section 2.  The purpose shall be to promote baseball for youth and teach

               fundamentals and sportsmanship.
   Section 3.  It shall be the policy of this league that no person shall be

               denied the opportunity to participate due to his family’s

               economic hardships.

   Section 4.  All correspondences to the League should be done by email

      ONLY Phone in an EMERGENCY
   Section 5.  There are 
No Complaints to be addressed to the League concerning

               Rules or Umpires, that should be handled on the Field.

               ANY COMPLAINT WILL COST $50 a complaint.

ARTICLE 2- Executive Committee

   Section 1.  The Executive Committee shall consist of (5) five members. This

               body will be made up of 4) four current officers and the advisor.
   Section 2.  The Executive Committee shall conduct general business, fill

               vacancies, and determine criteria to be discussed at the board

   Section 3.  The Executive Committee shall be responsible annually for

               presenting a p proposed budget and for the approval at board

               meetings before the playing season begins.

ARTICLE 3- Officers

            1. Officers shall serve as board members and vote on all policies of

               the league.
            2. Officers will not vote on any policies concerning their teams.

Section 1. President/Treasurer

                A. The duties shall be to conduct all business at the board

                   meetings and Executive Committee meetings.
                B. The President is Tri County Pony League’s representative to

                   the public.
                C. The President is allowed to manage and or coach a team.
                D. The President will vote on all policies of the league.

Section 2. Vice President

                A. The Vice President will assist in conducting all board meetings.
                B. The Vice President will assume all Presidential duties in the

                   event that the President is unable to participate.
                C. The Vice President will be a representative on the Executive

                   Committee in the event the President or an Ex-Officer is unable

                   to attend.
                D. The Vice President will vote on all policies of the league.




  Section 3. Secretary

                A. The Secretary shall record all proceedings of every Board

                B. The Secretary shall type notes and make copies to be distributed

                   at the next meeting.
                C. The Secretary shall purchase hats for All-Star game and medals

                   for all participants.
                D. The Secretary will vote on all policies of the league.


  Section 4. Treasurer

                A. The Treasurer shall receive all monies and pay all bills upon

                   approval of the board.
                B. The Treasurer shall keep an itemized account of all receipts and

                   disbursements, and present a written report at each meeting of

                   the board.
                C. The Treasurer’s book will be audited upon request of the board.
                D. The Treasurer shall buy trophies, medals, certificates or

                   ribbons for All-Star Game and

                   1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th places individuals for end of season

                E. The Treasurer will vote on all policies of the league.

Section 5. Advisor

                A. The Advisor shall assist by guiding the committee and offering

                   input where needed.
                B. The Advisor shall be called upon to interpret rules on appeals

                   filed with the league.
                C. The Advisor will vote on all policies of the league.

Section 6. Managers

                A. Managers shall assume responsibility for equipment and uniforms.

                   This includes collection of uniforms at the end of the season.

                   The manager shall maintain upkeep of the equipment.
                B. Managers shall not negotiate changing game dates or times with

                   other managers or umpires without permission of the schedule

                   coordinator. Failure to comply will risk forfeiture.
                C. Managers shall serve as board members and vote on all policies

                                             of the league.

      Section 7. Umpire/Rule Books

                A. The Official Rules of Baseball MLB are the guidelines to be

                B. Pony League Baseball Rules shall override where applicable.

                C. 1st use Tri-County Pony League Rules, then USSSA Baseball, then

                D. Any amendments to either of these, passed by the board, will

                   overrule the above.(Umpire must be 16 yrs old or older)


ARTICLE 4- Meetings

   Section 1.  Regular board meetings will be announced with at least (1) one week

               notice on website
   Section 2.  Special meetings may be called by the President or by (7) seven

               board members and another officer.
   Section 3.  All committees are urged to hold meetings to discuss matters that

               they need to bring before the board.


ARTICLE 5- Quorum

   Section 1. Majority by show of hands.

ARTICLE 6- Amendments

   Section 1. This constitution may be amended at any board meeting by a 3/4

              majority of those present.

ARTICLE 7- Revenues & Expenditures

   Section 1. Monies used to operate this organization shall come from:
              A. Entry fees (paid by each competing team)
              B. Donations
              C. Fundraiser's
              D. Concessions

   Section 2. Individual teams will provide and supply proof of insurance to the 

              league President, along with a map to each teams field.

   Section 3. League shall provide trophies, medals, certificates or ribbons as

              designated from the general fund.

   Section 4. A quorum of the board shall be necessary to approve disbursements

              exceeding twenty-five dollars. ($25.00)

   Section 5. Entry fee of $120.00 in 2023 is to be paid before the season

              begins. Fees will be established annually to accommodate for yearly


ARTICLE 8- Boundaries

   Section 1. Eastern boundary shall vary along Rt. 47 only to include the School

              District of Kaneland.

   Section 2. North boundary shall be Rt. 38 to include the School District of


   Section 3. Western boundary shall vary from the School District of Earlville

              and Leland, which will include Malta

   Section 4. Southern boundary shall vary along Rt. 52 only to include the

              entire School Districts of Serena, Sheridan, Newark and Marseilles.



ARTICLE 9- League

   Section 1. League shall be divided into divisions if:
               A. More than (6) but less than (14) team shall be divided into (2)

               B. If more than (14) teams but less than (20) , shall be divided

                  into (3) divisions.
               C. If more than (20) but less than (28), shall be divided into (4)

               D. The number of divisions can be changed other than stated by a

                  majority of the vote before the season starts.
               E. For the year 2023, will consist of(1)division Depends on how many


   Section 2.  Any new town or organization, which wants to enter the Tri County

                Pony League, shall come to a meeting and ask to join the league.
                A. There will be a vote of the existing teams at the meeting, with

                   a majority vote winning.
                B. All new teams must follow the Tri County by-laws and rules to

                   part of the league.
                C. New towns joining the league shall pay an extra ($25.00).


ARTICLE 10- All-Star Game

  Section 1.     Site shall rotate between(Next Date)(Last Host Date)
                 1. Sandwich 
(2015)(2021)(2022)    9.  Lisbon
                 2. Waterman (2025*)
(2016)         10. Earlville
                 3. Plano (2026*)
(2017)            11. Harding
                 4. Serena (2027*)
(2018)           12. Paw Paw
                 5. Leland 
(2011)(2019)            13. Sheridan (2000)
                 6. Somonauk(2011)declined in 2011 14. Shabbona
                 7. Newark(
2023*)                  15. Yorkville

           8. Hinckley-Big Rock (2024*)      16. Marseilles                     

                 *Projected host for that year

   Section 2.  In the event a team is unable to host a game, the site shall be

               moved to the next town, with the rotation order remaining the same.

   Section 3. Any new towns joining the league:
                A. Would be placed in the last position, which is (17th) position.

   Section 4.  The game shall be held on the Fourth of July, or a date selected

                at the first meeting.
                A. If weather causes a postponement of the game, it shall be

                   rescheduled on the first Sunday following the Fourth of July.
                   1. If the 4th of July falls on a Sunday, game shall be played on

                      the following Sunday.
In the Year 2023 in Newark June 24, 2023

                   (Skills and Drills start at TBD pm with game to follow.

                    Expect approximately 4 hours total.)
                C. Each team will select 3 players from there team to represent

                   them at the All-Star Game These players’ names must be turned

                   into the League Office by June 17th. Divisions subject to


                D. Head Coaches will be voted on by other Coaches

                   (All Coaches are encouraged to assist the Head Coach)
                E. Every player must play at least (3) innings.
                   1. It’s encouraged to pitch only one inning, but No pitcher shall be

                      allowed to pitch more than (2) innings.
                   2. Pitcher’s innings apply to the week’s total innings. Except

                      for playoff games

   Section 5.   The game shall be (7) innings in length.
                A. The game shall be (9) innings in length if there are more than

                  (18) players per team.

   Section 6.  The host town will be responsible for providing:
                A. Umpires (Patched Umpires are preferred)
                B. Field in proper condition.
                C. Advance Public Notice.



ARTICLE 11- Schedule

   Section 1.  Schedule shall be compiled by the schedule coordinator.

   Section 2.  Schedule should have:
                A. Play in division to play each team twice. Once at home and once

                B. Out of the division play each team once divided equally between

                   home and away.
                C. If (2) divisions, shall play each team once.
                D. In 2023 each team will be scheduled a minimum 14 division games

                   (1 division) and will determine the division champ. If 11 teams

                   in a division you may be scheduled 14 games. (12 Games must be

                   played to win Division)(All Division game must be Played to be

                   the Division Champion
                E. Teams can select how many more games, if any, they wish to play.

                   They will be scheduled against other teams who wish to play more

                   games from either division.

   Section 3.  All scheduled games must be played when scheduled.
                A. Unless prohibited by weather conditions.
                B. Unless permission to re-schedule is granted by schedule

                C. Violations will be considered a forfeit and dealt with by the

                   league office.
                   1. If violation repeats, disciplinary action could result.

                D. Rescheduling

                   1. The home team shall present the opposing Head Coach with two (2)

                      options for rescheduling a game within 1 week of the original date.

                   2. If the game is not rescheduled or played within this time frame, the

                      team causing the delay shall forfeit.

                   3. Rescheduling shall only be done in the event of graduation ceremonies

                      or inclement weather, unless both teams decide otherwise.

                   4. In the event of a scheduling dispute, the Corn Belt shall rule on


                   5. If a team fails to appear for a regularly scheduled game shall be

                      recorded as a 2-0 loss in the regular season standings.

                   6. Regular Season games that are cancelled for reasons not approved by

                      these rules, Pony League Representative, or by mutual agreement of the

                      coaches shall be recorded as a 2-0 loss of the cancelling team.

                   7. Regular Season games that cannot be rescheduled (after every attempt by

                      both teams has been made) shall be recorded as a 1-1 tie in the final


                   8. The home team's Coach shall notify the League Office of rescheduled


   Section 4.  All evening games shall begin:
                A. At 6:00pm unless noted on schedule, if coaches agree game can start at

                   5:45pm to help save daylight
                B. Some night games are scheduled for 8:00pm start time
                   1. 5:45pm games followed by an 8:00pm game should not start an

                      inning after 8:05pm
                   2. Teams that play at 8:00pm please take batting and fielding

                      before your team arrives.
                   3. 8:00pm games shall start 10 minutes after 5:45pm game ends
                   4. No inning shall start after 10:00pm on 8:00pm games.

                      The Umpire and each manager should write down the official

                      Start time of the game, and the official end time, before the

                      game begins, so everyone is aware of the ending time of the game.

                C. Saturday and Sunday games are to begin at 10:00am unless

                   otherwise noted.
                D. No inning is allowed to begin after 8:15pm. An inning begins

                   when the third out of the previous inning is registered.
                E. (2-hour & 15 Minutes limit all games with Double Headers)

                   including Saturday games. 2:15-hour limit not to be exceeded,

                   Please hustle in and hustle out no stall tactics - *(If a manager

                   goes to the mound for charge conference when there is less then

                   15 minutes left in the time limit and his team is ahead with runs,

                   for every trip to the mound will result in 5 minutes being added

                   to the official end time of the game.)** Playoff games have time

                   limit of 2:30 Hours except the 1st Place Game.

                   (No ten rule in Championship Game)
                F. Tie games and Halted games for time limit are considered suspended

                   games. They must be concluded from the point where the play stopped.
                G. All teams must complete the schedule regardless of position in

                H. Home team to supply (2) new official Pony League approved

                   baseballs for the game. Balls must be stamped Pony League or Higher.
                I. If the game balls are lost, then use the best available ball to

                   be submitted.


ARTICLE 12- Team Structure

   Section 1.   Each participating town shall have a pool of players who register

                with their organization. Each organization shall offer open

                registration to their respected school district, for which the

                organization belongs to. They shall accept and use every legal

                A. Teams shall divide into(2)or more teams when the registered

                   players is divisible by(12).
                   1. Each organization shall use their own rules in governing the

                      division of the teams by either of the following:
                        a) Blind draft
                        b) Regular draft
                        c) Balance of Power (Equalize/parity)
                   2. Each team shall be as equal as possible (granted in a blind

                      draft all skilled players could end up on the same team)
                        a) NO HAND PICKED TEAMS
                        b) No team shall hold tryouts and cut players.
                   3. Returning players from the previous year may stay on the same

                      team as long as they live in the school district of the

                   4. Player(s) who live(s) in a town’s school district that does

                      not offer Traveling Boys Pony League my participate in an

                      adjacent town’s program provided that,
                        a) The player(s) has (have) been approved by the league

                        b) And also by a majority of the coaches within the league.

   Section 2.  Each team will consist of (20) players maximum to (9) minimum.
                A. Program will be allowed to bat (15) players in a continuous

                   batting order, with free substitution in defensive positions

                   only. Batting order must remain the same.
                   1. If a team has more than (15) players, the extra players

                      should be substituted into the batting order. (see

                      substitution rule)
                   2. Teams have the option to bat their (15) players or bat as

                      many players as the opposing team has in their line-up &

                      substitute the rest of the players into the line-up (see

                      substitution rule)

                        a) Any players dressed at the game and not in the batting

                           line-up must be substituted into the line-up for at

                           least (2) innings of defense.(Only if they are not in

                           the batting order)

                B. Minimum number for fielding a team.
                   1. Team must field at least (7) players by 10 minutes after game

                      is scheduled to start or umpire shall declare the game a

                      forfeit in favor of team with enough players to play.
                   2. If neither team can field (7) players, both teams will be

                      charged a loss.
                   3. If a team plays with less than (9) players
                      a) Empty spots in the batting order must be declared when

                         turning in the line-up and every time they come around an

                         automatic out is charged.
                      b) If a player arrives late, he is allowed to enter the game


  Section 3.   ROSTERS Each team must turn in a roster with First, Last Names and uniform

               Numbers to League Office ASAP. No Rosters/No Schedules
                A. Only roster players of proper age are allowed to participate in

                   the game.
                     1. 14 & under league (12-14 year olds)
                     2. Must be no older than 14 as of
Sept. 1st, 2023.

                        a) Players older than 14 as of Sept. 1 1st, 2023 are still

                           eligible if they are still in 8th grade.

                        b) Players Whose Birthday falls between Old date of May 1 to New date

                           of Sept. 1, are grandfathered to stay at the level they would have

                           been until 2027
                     3. In U.S.S.S.A. Tournaments the age is 14 years old and under
                     4. Pony National Tournament has a 13 only and a 14 only

                B. Players may be added to or removed from rosters by notifying the

                   league office and waiting for approval. There could be up to one

                   week delay while contacting officers.
                C. Failure to comply will result in a forfeiture if both teams

                   knowingly violate a rule, Article XII- Section II, A, each team

                   will be charged a forfeit.

                D. No player may be rostered on more than on one (1) {Pony Team) and can only

                   play with the one team and be eligible to participate in the Tri-County

                   Pony Team with the exception of playing on a Town Team would mean a "A" or

                   "B" Ball team) within the same program.
                E. If offense occurs more than once, officers will review them and

                   could result in disciplinary action.

ARTICLE 13- Equipment
   Section 1.  Shall be as outlined in the U.S.S.S.A. Rules and Regulations.
               We will not be joining any affiliate this year, every team that

               wants to play in their tournament must register themselves
   Section 2.  Noting the following exceptions.
               A. Steel spikes will not be allowed.
                    1. If a player is wearing steel spikes, the player is given the

                       opportunity to remove them. If the player refuses, the

                       player shall be barred from the game.
   Section 3
Bat Rule

                A. All (-3) Bats are legal with 2 5/8" Barrel

                   **  (-3 bats are recommended)

                   All (-4 to -5) Bats can be up to 33" in Length or under

                   All (-6 to -9) Bats can be up to 32" in Length or under

                   All (-10 to -12) Bats must be 28" in Length or Under

                   All Wood Bats are allowed (but why would you use one?)

                   All Aluminum Bats with 2 3/4" Barrel Bats are Illegal.

                   **  (Only -3 Bats can be used in High School Play and is why -3

                   bats are recommended)



    Section 4Pitching Distance/Bases Distance

                A. Pitching Rubber Distance from Back of Home Plate to the front

                   of Pitching rubber shall be 54 feet

                B. Distance of Bases from the back of Home Plate to the Back Corner

                   of the base shall be 80 feet

ARTICLE 14- Pitching

   Section 1.   A player may pitch a maximum of (10) innings per calendar week.

                A. Calendar week begins at midnight Sunday and ends at midnight

                   the next Sunday

                B. All innings Pitched for the week count towards each pitcher

                   including Weekend Tournaments, Practice games and non-league


   Section 2.  A pitch to one batter will constitute one inning.

   Section 3. If a pitcher pitches more than (3) innings then the pitcher must

              have (40) hours rest from the start of the previous game.

   Section 4. Violation of Article XIV- Section III shall result in forfeiture

              of all games that said pitcher has pitched in the week of the


   Section 5. If a team has 3 scheduled games in one week, each pitcher is given

              an additional 4 innings.

   Section 6Each Pitcher will be given a warning first, before any balk is

              called on them.

   Section 7Once a Pitcher is removed from the mound, he can not be inserted

              into Pitch again, in that game.


ARTICLE 15- Fighting

   Section 1.   First offense- shall result in a 2-game suspension.

   Section 2.  Second offense- shall result in suspension from the league.

ARTICLE 16- Substitution/Injuries/Slide Rule/Slash Bunt Rule

   Section 1. Tri County Pony League will use free substitution.
                A. A player removed for a substitute must remain out of the game

                   for 6 defensive outs.
                    1. Player may re-enter game at any position but must bat in

                       his original place in the lineup, or at a lower position

                       in the lineup.
                        a) The only exception being player may not re-enter as a

                           pitcher if the player has already pitched in the game.
                        b) If there are no eligible substitutes and a player

                           becomes sick or injured, the last player to leave the

                           game shall be placed in the injured player’s position.
                        c) If a player is injured during the game and can not

                           continue to play and there is no substitute, an out

                           will not be recorded in that players spot.
                        d) If a player is ejected and there are no substitutes,

                           an out will be recorded.



   Section 2. Slide rule
                A. Base runners must avoid contact. If contact will be made, the

                   runner must slide. If the runner fails to slide and avoid

                   contact, he is out. If the shoulder is dropped and the runner

                   intentionally runs into the fielder, he is automatically out

                   and ejected.

   Section 3. Slash Bunt Rule

                A. No "Slash Bunt" Rule For safety reasons, a batter is out
                   for illegal action when – he/she fakes a bunt and then takes

                   a full swing. Synopsis: This would eliminate a Pony

                   Division baseball player from fake bunting and “slap-hitting”

                   the ball.

ARTICLE 17- Ten Run Rule & Complete Game

   Section 1. Applies after 4 1/2 innings if the home team is leading, or 5 if

              the visiting team is leading.
                A. If at this point one team is leading by 10 runs the game is

                   complete. It may continue if both teams agree, but the outcome

                   will not change. Any innings pitched will be charged
                   for the pitcher’s weekly totals.
                B. A game is complete after 5 innings, or 4 1/2 is home team is

                   ahead. If games are less than this because of darkness, rain,

                   or time limit they will be considered suspended games and

                   must completed at a later date.

                C. A Pony Game consists of 7 innings


ARTICLE 18- Lightning/Thunder

   Section 1. When thunder is heard or lightning is seen*, the leading edge of the   

              thunderstorm is close enough to strike your location with lightning. Suspend

              play for at least 30 minutes and vacate the outdoor activity to the previously

              designated safer location immediately.


   Section 2. 30-minute rule. Once play has been suspended, wait at least 30 minutes after the

              Last thunder is heard or lightning is witnessed* prior to resuming play.


   Section 3. Any subsequent thunder or lightning* after the beginning of the 30-minute count

              will reset the clock and another 30-minute count should begin.


   Section 4. When independently validated lightning-detection devices or mobile phone apps

              are available, this technology could be used to assist in making a decision to

              suspend play if a lightning strike is noted to be within 10 miles of the event

              location. However, you should never depend on the reliability of these devices

              and, thus, hearing thunder or seeing lightning* should always take precedence

              over information from a mobile app or lightning-detection device.














ARTICLE 19- Umpires

   Section 1.  The umpire is governed by the Official Pony League Baseball Rules,

               with amendments. An Umpires minimum age requirement is 16 yr old.

   Section 2.  Home team supplies a check to pay the patched umpire.
                 A. A second umpire is encouraged but the absence of is not to

                    delay the game.

                 B. Each team is responsible of getting a base and a Home Plate

                    ump and paying for it.

                    Minimum age is 16 yr. old. Games will not be held up

                    because there is no base ump. If an umpire does not

                    show up, it is the home teams responsibility to find someone

                    to replace him, both coaches must a agree on the replacement.

   Section 3. If the assigned umpire or umpires fail to attend the game,

              both managers must agree on selection of their replacement.
                 A. If an agreement cannot be reached by the managers acting

                    responsibly, they are both to report by phone or in person to

                    the league office. League office will decide if the game

                    should be rescheduled. If the game is played, it is final.
                 B. Game may begin with only 1 umpire present.

ARTICLE 20- Standings

   Section 1.    All teams must report score and pitchers used. Winning team must

                 report score within 48 hours to receive credit for the win. Not

                 doing so will result in winning team being credited with a tie.
                  A. Each team is to create a facebook page to post

                     Report of game(s) played. Report can also be emailed to the

                     league office.
                  B. Report shall include for each game:
                      1. All pitchers used for both teams and number of innings

                      2. Final score.
                      3. Winning and losing pitchers.

                  CCoaches who fail to report pitchers used within 48 hours

                     of the finish of the game, will be suspended from coaching

                     the next's team game.(NEW FOR 2009, GOOD FOR 2023)

   Section 2.  League official is keeping standings and publish semi-monthly in the

               local paper, by web site. or

      (Youth baseball)

   Section 3. The team with the most wins in the division shall be declared the

              winner of the division.
                  A. If the weather forces a postponement, the game must be played

                     at the first available opportunity.
                  B. 12 games must be played to determine division winner.
                  C. Play-off site for ties in division leaders to be determined

                      1. Run differential from previous games.
                          a) If no difference, a coin flip shall determine the




ARTICLE 21- Post Season Tournament

   Section 1.   All teams are included in the tournament.

   Section 2.  Winning Percentage, Runs Against and Games Played help determine

                the seeding. Seeding is done by board members.

   Section 3. Team with the best winning percentage will be seeded the highest.
                  A. Teams will be seeded by the league officials.

                  B. 2023 seeds will be Winning Pct. times games Played

                  C. Games played before June 27 midnight will be counted in the


   Section 4.  Team awarded the highest seed will be paired against the lowest

               seed. Second highest seed against second lowest and so forth.
                  A. Highest seed will be home team for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds.

   Section 5.  Each pitcher is allowed 10 innings of pitching for the 1st & 2nd

               round and 7 innings in the 3rd round and 10 innings for semi-

               finals and finals.
                  A. All rest periods for pitchers shall apply if they pitch more

                     than 3 innings.
                      1. With the exception of the semi finals and finals.

                  B. In 2023 pitchers get 7 innings first week & 7 innings for 2nd

                     Round 10 innings for Semi's/Finals, unless there is only one

                     week of playoffs (not two), then all teams will start the week

                     getting 14 innings each per pitcher. Rest Periods do not apply

                     to Semi-Finals and Finals (Fri & Sat).


  Section 6. Schedule of tournament to be determined later. 2023 TBD
                  A. 1st round to be TBA
                  B. 2nd round to be TBA
                  C. 3rd round to be TBA
                  D. Semifinals to be TBD
                  E. 3rd place game will be TBD

                  F. Championship game will be TBD

  Section 7. Host Town for final four will Be responsible for Providing:

                   (NO HOST TOWN 2023)

                  B. Field in Proper Condition

                  C. Advance Public Notice

                  D. Sound System for Public Address Announcing For Championship Game

                  E. Concessions

                  F. Decorations







ARTICLE 22- U.S.S.S.A. Tournaments and World Series

   Section 1.   The manager of the team in first place in the standings at the end

                of the regular season shall be manager of the division in the

                U.S.S.S.A. Tournament.(The League Will not be paying the entry


                 A. If unable, then second place manager shall be given the

                 B. If the 1st & 2nd place managers are unable, then the 3rd place

                    manager and so on, until a manager is able to commit.
                 C. This rule is for both 14 and under tournament teams.
                 D. League will pay entry fee for 14 year old team.
                 E. 13 and under team will need sponsors for jerseys and entry

                    fees. Call league office with any sponsors.

   Section 2.  The manager then selects the coaches from a pool of other division

                 A. If no managers are available then a manager may choose whom he

                    wishes for his coach

   Section 3. Manager selects the players from the rosters of every team in the

                 A. Every manager must submit a list of 4 players maximum to attend

                    a tryout to be selected to the U.S.S.S.A. Tournament Team.
                 B. Players may participate on one tournament team at a time.

   Section 4. Pony National Tournament
                 A. Any team can enter Pony National tournament.
                     1. You can register your own team.

ARTICLE 23- Protests

   Section 1.  Protests are only allowed on interpretation of the rules.
                 A. Protest will be decided by officers of the Tri County Pony

                    League Division in which your team plays.

                 B. There is absolutely NO COMPLAINING to LEAGUE OFFICE ABOUT ANY

                    MATTER-Handle it between Coaches. ONLY FORMAL PROTEST are

                    ALLOWED. $50 Protest fee must be paid before your protest

                    will be heard. If you win your protest, you will refunded

                    your $50.00 Protest Fee.


ARTICLE 24- League Office

   Section 1.  League office for the year 2021
   Section 2.  The Commissioner of Baseball can be reached at
                 Greg H. Gould
                 G-Force Labels & Printing, Inc.
                 405 E. South St.
                 Plano, IL 60545
                 Fax (630)552-8960
                 Work (630)552-8911
                 Email -