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Plano's Last Chance Qualifier for "D" and "E" Equalizer Aug. 5 & 6, 2006

(All teams that Play Qualify for their respected State Tournament

You must have a check for $185 at tournaments end for your State Tournament

if you wish to be in the Tournament - unless you win the Entry Fee)

14 teams Max One Field Klatt Park Morning Session and Afternoon/Evening Session

Oswego Inn 1st Place

2nd Place J.J.'s Pub

3rd place Whitey's

4th Place Bunks

All-Tournament Team

Pictured by himself Jeremy VanBehren(Whitey's)

Back Row - Dan Latka(Oswego), MVP-Jason Lundberg(Oswego), Al Stout(JJ's), Tyler Debernardi(JJ's)

Front Row - Mike Smith(Oswego), Gold Glove-Sterling Sullivan

Al Didn't Want his Picture Taken making the last out, so he tried to foul one off at the Camera Girl