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Sandwich/Plano Football 2008

Christmas Classic Preview 2007

State Game

Aurora Christian Game 11/17/07

St. Joe Game 11/10/07

Plano slays the Dragons 11/3/07

Seneca/Plano Story 9/14/07

Sandwich/Plano Game 8/31/07

 Sandwich Preview 8/30/07

2007 Lisle Preview

All-Star Girls I-8 vs Little Ten Basketball

All-Star Boys I-8 vs Little Ten Basketball

Seneca vs Amboy

Seneca Looks Toward Third Straight Sectional

Seneca Advances to I-8 Championship

Seneca vs Newark BBSK

Seneca Vs Dyett BBSK

Seneca 6 wins to Record/Sandwich Loses 4 in a row

Plano's Christmas Classic Articles

State Champion Article and Bureau Valley Game

Bureau Valley Pregame

Basketball Preview

Amboy Playoff Game 11/11/06

Amboy Pregame 11/9/06

Westmont Playoff Game 11/4/06

Westmont Playoff PreGame 11/2/06

Lisle Playoff Game 10/27/06

Lisle Playoff PreGame 10/24/06

Manteno Game 10/20/06

Dwight Game 10/14/06

Wilmington Game 9/29/06

Westmont Game 9/23/06

Seneca Game 9/16/06

Seneca at Plano Preview- 9/14/06

Plano at Sandwich - 9/1/06

"Reaper Nation Vs Tribe" - 8/30/06

“Champaign or Bust”- 8/18/06

Plano Focus on Football

Fox Valley "B" League Page

Plano Sports a year in Review

Plano Hires New Bastkball Coach