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2007 Plano Cross Country Send in your stories to be posted online to

A Special Thanks to Scott Greiter(Last Years Coach & Karson's dad) He has been instrumental in
helping me this season,  he's pretty much been my obi-wan-kenobi, when I've been lost to meets
or just in need of some direction in general. He has been an excellent assisstant coach


Coach Shaw



Assisstant Coach Grieter, Karson Grieter, John Cannon, Jim Rotella, Brandon Miller,

Mike Mickelson, Coach Andy Shaw

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2007 Cross Country Schedule  
Date Time   Place
10/9/2007 4:30pm Somonauk/Sandwich at Sandwich

2007 Plano's Cross Country Roster

Men's Team

Jim Rotella    SR.

Mike Mickelson JR

John Cannon    JR

Ross Greiter   SR

Brandon Miller FR.

Women's Team

Karson Greiter   FR.

Michelle Johnson SR.

1st Meet Seneca QUAD Meet Lisle, Ottawa Marquette, Seneca, Plano

At Seneca Farms 9/4/2007

Team Standings: Lisle 25, Seneca 33.

Top 10 Individuals: 1. Greiter Karson (Plano) 21:53.1, 2. Eileen Neuffer (L) 22:12.5, 3. Mary Spika (M) 23:47.1, 4. Elizabeth Peterson (S) 24:11.5, 5. Lauren Mucci (M) 24:44.5, 6. Katelyn Wheeler (S) 25.06.5, 7. Sarah Spiel (L) 25:17.7, 8. Nicole Phelps (L) 25:25.7, 9. Courtney Rod (S) 25:38.9, 10. Michelle Johnson (P) 25:53.6.

Plano Mens Times: 12. Mike Mickelson (Plano) 20:28, 14. Jim Rotella (Plano) 22:14

2nd Meet Beecher, Seneca, Plano, Clifton, Peotone, St. Anne, Gardner, Herscher, Pontiac, Lisle, Reed-Custer

At Panther Invitational 9/12/2007

Mens Results (85 Runners)

29. Mickelson 19:25

55. Rotella   20:35

79. Miller    22:54

83. Cannon    23:59

Womens Results (64 Runners)

2.  Karson Greiter 19:53

3rd Meet Aurora Christian, Aurora Central, Plan0

At Aurora Christian Tri-Meet 9/19/2007

Mens Results (15 Runners)

Mickelson 18:08

Rotella   19:10

Miller    20:45

Cannon    22:17

Womens Results (12 Runners)

2.  Karson Greiter 19:24

4th Meet Aurora Christian, Aurora Central, Plano and a lot more Schools

At Charger Invite 9/22/2007

Mens Results (193 Runners)

144. Mickelson 18:29

185. Rotella   20:52

JV (134 Runners)

121. Miller    21:38


Womens Results (134 Runners)

7.   Karson Greiter 18:45

103. Michelle Johnson 23:27


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