2009 Early Bird Tournament Rules Click Here

Teams Enter into this Years Tournament. (It will be put on USSSA after all teams have be given registration numbers by their league)

Look here for game Times Should be Posted as soon as we get 16 teams, spread the word

If your team is not listed below please contact Greg H. Gould 630-327-9168 to get in.

first come first served.

1.   Rambo's (Thur 9:15pm)(4-0)

2.   Little Bro Joes Pizza -D (Wed (9:15pm)(3-1)

3.   Xtreme (Thur 7:15PM)-E(3-1)

4.   St. Georges (Thur 6:30)-D(3-1)

5.   G-Force Labels (Thur 9:15pm)E (3-1)

6.   Silent Assasins (6:30pm Wed)(2-2)

7.   Slug's (Thur (8:15pm)-D(2-2)

8.   Fabri-Tek -E (Wed 8:15pm)(2-2)

9.   Bristol Tap-D(Wed 8:15pm)(2-2)

10.  Run N Gun Softball -E (Thur 6:30pm)(2-2)

11.  Wreckers (WED 9:15pm)- E(2-2)

12.  Howey's - D (Thur 8:15pm) (1-3)

13.  Coopers Towne Pizza (WED 7:15)-E(1-3)

14.  M & L Distributor E(WED 7:15)(1-3)

15.  Stan's Alone Softball - E (THur 7:15pm)(1-3)

16.  Team Guns N Hoses -E (6:30pm Wed)(0-4)

If you want on the waiting list please email Greg at

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2008 Early Bird Results Click Here