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2022 Corn Belt "B" League

9-10 yr olds


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Corn Belt "B" Schedule pdf


2022 "B" League President

Mail $150.00 League Fee's to (Make out Checks but leave Name Blank)


2021 "B" League Rules Click Here


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#01 Earlville "B"      
#02 Sandwich Black "B"      
#03 Waterman Red "B"      
#04 Waterman Black "B"      
#05 HBR #1 "B"      
#06 Somonauk Blue "B"      
#07 Leland "B"      
East Division      
#08 Sandwich White "B"      
#09 HBR #2 "B"      
#10 Plano "B"      
#11 Sandwich Orange "B"      
#12 Newark/Lisbon Blue "B"      
#13 Serena "B"      
#14 Somonauk Gold "B"      
#15 Newark/Lisbon Green "B"      


Field Loacations:

Serena - 2634–2698 N 3689th Rd Sheridan, IL 60551


Sandwich Memorial Park

Plano - Emiy G Johns School, 430 Mitchell Drive, Plano, IL  60545

Sandwich - Click for Overhead View of Memorial Park,-88.6252137,17z

Somonauk -

Newark -

Lisbon -

Waterman B - Will play at Lions Park which is on South Birch Street which is behind Indian Creek Middle School

Paw Paw will be playing at the Lions Club park by the sewer ponds on lions dr. Enter town on Chicago Road.  Go through “main street” section and take a left onto Maple Street. Turn on the next right onto Lion’s Drive and the fields are located at the end of Lion’s Drive. 

Leland All the leagues will play on the fields behind the school which is located on Main St.(Leland Rd.)

Leland Click here for Picture

Earlville - Click Here for Map

Sheridan - Click Here For Map

HBR field is located behind the elementary school in Hinckley Hinckley Elem


Indian Creek Map


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