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2018 Corn Belt "A" League

11-12 yr olds



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2018 PDF Schedule

March 18, 2018 "A" Minutes  l  March 25, 2018 "A" Minutes

"A" League Tournament Page


•  Entry Fee due by May 1 st , and Proof of Insurance and Rosters

  Field Availability sheets due April 1, 2018

  $150 per team (Make Checks Payable to Leave Blank)

  Mail to "A" Ball President

Jason Fahrlander

7S273 Mary Drive

Big Rock, IL  60511

Cell: 574-532-6973





2017 "A" Ball Rules Click Here

A League Facebook Page Click Here, for Scores, Report Pitchers


Team Map
West Division
#01 Plano #1 "A" Kyle Klatt Cell 815-378-8484
Lakewood North
#02 Sandwich Black "A" Jason Dixon Cell 630-200-2950
12 U Lights
#03 Waterman "A" Nathan Murry Cell 618-713-7790 Waterman Field #2  
#04 Earlville "A" Matt Cook Cell 815-228-9842
#05 Paw Paw "A" Erin Odle Cell 815-994-2433
#06 Somonauk Blue "A" Jennifer Hicks Cell 331-216-8903    
#07 Leland "A" Eric Carter Cell 815-414-3605
East Division
Plano Maps
#08 Plano #2 "A" Ryan Wells Cell 630-849-4347
Lakewood North
#09 Sandwich Orange "A" Dean Thomas Cell 630-608-7185
12 U Lights
#10 Serena "A" Joe Denrow Cell 815-685-0951
#11 Somonauk Gold "A" David Johnson Cell 630-649-2070
#12 HBR "A" Jason Fahrlander Cell 574-532-6973
HBR High School
#13 Newark "A" Nick Wills Cell 815-530-6317

Milton Pope    Lee       Leland     Norway

Locations Lat & Long gMap url
Earlville 41.582002,-88.915663
Memorial Park 41.63954, -88.62608
Plano Centennial
41.655556, -88.534167
Newark 41.530628, -88.573596
Serena 41.46707, -88.66861
Hinkley Big Rock 41.77051, -88.64910
Waterman 41.76693, -88.77463
Somonauk 41.629087, -88.684500



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